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How To Earn $1 per day in PTC

Earning $1 a day with 1 PTC program is impossible . The most is about $0.20 with 10 clicks @ $0.02 a day. Some even can earn $0.10 with 10 @ $0.001 a day. There is a limit of clicks per day , some below 10 clicks and some above 10 clicks.

So hardly we can earn $1 a day in Paid TO Click - PTC program.
If you want to earn $1 a day , I show you how.
First join these FREE PTC program listed below

Click here and join paidbux

click and join cashnbux

click here and join buxear

click here and join scotbux

click here and join alertpaybux

I give you an example how I do.
You must open 2 windows online at one time. First you open your paidbux  site then clicks view ads, while waiting you open another site -cashnbux and log in to click view ads.
When one PTC side finishing click view ads, you quickly open another site -buxear: log in and click view ads. Soon the other site will complete your clicks, then open another PTC site -scotbux.
When the site have finish clicking, open another site-alertpay. When all the sites completed it will take your 1 hour or more.
You completeed clicking view ads with 1 hour your total earnings from these sites is about $0.70 to $1.

With these 5 sites working 1 hour a day online I earn about $0.75. You may spend more time by joing more PTC program. It depens your TIME.

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