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Killer Mini-Sites
This brand-new report shows you the exact step-by-step techniques used by internet marketing experts to create mini-sites that sell and sell and then sell some more... Not only will it show you the techniques they use... It actually went further and dissected their most intimate strategies! Full Resell Rights and turnkey site Included!


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"Discover how to instantly create multiple profit streams for your internet business site." You could always create your own product, but that takes time! You could always spend a few hundred dollars on reprint rights to any number of hot selling products out there. If you want to join the big boys club and earn top internet dollars, these 24 BEST OF THE BEST ebooks will accelerate your learning curve and help you earn BIG MONEY, not pennies.

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Do you know everything you need to about selling on eBay and other online auctions? I am sure you don't but you will with Ebay Extreme Pack! In the eBay Extreme Package you don't get just a single eBook - you get all the eBooks around eBay and Online Auctions. 18 ebooks that will teach you the salient strategies to pull in money from the world’s greatest auction site.





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Webmaster Tools-Black Label Edition
JavaScript Wizards that will help create Eye-Popping pages with the simplicity of copy and paste. Just enter the variables and the Webmaster Tools Wizard will write the scripts FOR you. Even if you already know how to write these scripts the Webmaster Tools Wizard will eliminate typing errors and wasted de-bugging time. This Webmaster Script Can Do: Auto PopUp, Banner Rotator, Color Picker by Color, Color Picker by Name, Countdown Creator, DIV Scroll, Dropdown Menu Creator, FAQs Page Builder, Heading Shadow Effect, HTML Glossary, IFRAME Builder, Link Cloaker, Mailto: Tags, Meta Tags, Download Time Calculator, View Source Tool, Image Search Engine, Mouseover Image, Mouseover Text, No Spam Email, and Page Border.

Instant Site Maker
Stop creating your internet business web pages the hard way! Quickly create stunning internet business web pages in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Site Maker automatically creates your web pages for you. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant Site Maker creates your sales page, thank you page and even automatically creates your Click Bank instant download link. No software to install - just download and run.

Instant Popup Subscriber
Easily sign up subscribers to your newsletter The powerful, quick and easy webmaster tool that allows you to put a powerful, instant subscription box on your visitor's screen the second they land on your internet business web page. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant popup subscriber does the rest for you. Can be used together with an autoresponder to put your list building on autopilot. Quickly creates a popup alert that lets people sign up with just one click.

Instant Meta Maker
Boost your search engine ranking and generate more traffic to your internet business site. The easiest way to optimize your internet business web pages to gain high search engine placement. Quickly generate search engine friendly HTML code for your web pages. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Meta Maker does the rest for you.

Instant eMail Scramble
Stop your email from being captured! Are you fed up with all the junk email you get? Want to reduce the ever increasing tide of spam? Now you can, email scramble hides your email address so email harvesting robots can't find it in your page. The email address can still be read by people visiting your internet business site and works exactly the same way when someone clicks on your email link. Quickly scramble your email address and code it into your internet business web pages.

Armand Morin's Popup Generator
Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Popups So Easy, A Child Can Do It! If You Ever Wanted To Use The Power of PopUps, This Software Is For You! Order Now and Receive Master Resell Rights, Keep 100% of The Profits!

Armand Morin's New Link Check Generator
WARNING: This Can Increase Your Income, BIG TIME! Secret Software Tool Let's Any Average Joe Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Competition! Start using it in your internet business web pages the next 5 minutes and you will be undeniably HOOKED FOR LIFE! Complete turnkey website included!

Project Analysis Toolkit
It is an all-in-one, easy to use tool that helps you quickly determine your internet business profit potential, break-even analysis, projected income or loss, and start up costs of almost any project/product you are considering. Just plug in the numbers and quickly find out if your project/product has any chance of profitability.

Flash Banner
If you tired of seeing the same boring internet business web page design over and over again, maybe it's time you create something more dynamic, something that pulsates, jives and grooves using Flash Banners!

eZine Blaster
STOP RISKING YOUR AD BUDGET! Cut it down to Zero! And Skyrocket your profits! 100% Guaranteed! Or your money back. Your FREE ads to over 188,000 verified, targeted subscribers! It's the complete guide for Marketers Guaranteed! Over $3500 in FREE advertising!

Press Release-O-Matic
Automatically Build Attention Getting Press Releases. Press Release-O-Matic is the absolutely foolproof way to create attention getting press releases for any internet business product. In less than a minute, you can create professional looking press releases, formatted exactly the way editors want to see them.

Perpetual Traffic Generator
Combines two of the most powerful tools in web marketing into one easy system... Viral Marketing and Reprint Rights. You take about an hour to set up your Perpetual Traffic Generator
™and COMPLETELY REBRAND your copy by replacing the URLS with your own, ( The source files are provided), you upload your customized copy to your server, set up the ready-to-go killer sales letter, and start driving hundreds and thousands people to your internet business website, INSTANTLY, and completely hands-free!

Banner Buddy
With a few mouse clicks, Banner Buddy can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your internet business website. HIDE affiliate links while visitors do "mouseovers". Banner Buddy Also creates text under the banner.

Ezine Success
Read on to discover why every single internetpreneur who has purchased eZine Success is begging me to rename it to the 'eZine Profit Bible! Discover *exactly* how YOU can use my closely guarded techniques to cash in on the most effective eZine advertising ever invented! I'll show you *Step-By-Step* how to produce at least 5 times the results that you would from conventional eZine advertising!

The New Free to Sell Pro eBook Package (Version 7)
If you need even more to sell on your internet business website, this is your package! Contained in this One Master ebook is mega products with resell and give-a-way rights. This Ultimate eBook package is HUGE and contains over 56 Hot Selling eBooks and internet business software products and over 6,000 eBook Info products. FREE Lifetime Updates with this package Too! Over $600 in Products just in this Package!

Instant Bookmark Encourages visitors to bookmark your internet business site. No HTML coding! Just click Generate Code and Easy Bookmark does the rest for you. A simple and easy way for visitors to bookmark your internet business site and come back time and time again. Easy Bookmark automatically adds your internet business site to their browser favorites (Internet Explorer) with just one simple click.

AND if you order before Midnight, we will include the


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AutoHit Exchange (No Resell Rights)
Easy to run scripts! Fully automated! Must have some experience with cgi and php files. Must also know how to chmod files. AutoHit Exchange - Member Features: Add Url .. Change Url Change Site Info .. Delete url .. Assign Credits .. Change status .. Change E-mail Address .. View History .. View Stats .. Earn Referral Bonuses .. Buy Credits .. - Administrative Features - View Users .. View User Sites .. View Weekly Stats .. Change Exchange Properties .. Change Content .. Add/Delete Faq Questions .. View Abuse Reports .. Sell Credits .. Sell Accounts .. Add/Delete Advertising Banners .. Add/Delete Text Ads .. Email All Members ..

Banner Exchange (No Resell Rights)
This banner exchange script is a PHP script for running your own banner exchange system. Members of the banner exchange show banners on their sites and in return their own banner is displayed across the banner exchange. You, as the owner of the banner exchange take part of the banner impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own site or for sale. The banner exchange supports gif, jpg, and png formats. The banner exchange is written in PHP and uses mysql database. This means that the script is fast and can be used for larger banner exchanges. We have operated a banner exchange with 50,000 impressions/day some time ago on a virtual (shared) server and didn't have any problems. There was over 100 domains on the server so if you have a dedicated server, you can operate really large exchanges.

Website Hosting (No Resell Rights).
This is a software developed for Web hosting platforms. Features: Add users, Easy installation (Install scripts), File uploads, MySQL (Create database & query execution), Server status (Checks if a server is online or offline), and more.

Java Chatroom (No Resell Rights).
This chat servlet performs a 100% HTML/JavaScript chatroom. Guest users just have to enter a nickname for chatting. They can choose chat's look & feel. Private messages are allowed. Root user chooses chatroom's name and subject. Root also controls the chatroom : max. users, open, close, transcript, list or kickoff users, clear blacklist features are available. The script is protected against cross scripting attacks. Only root user could use "direct-HTML". Note that this chat could run in both framed and non-framed mode.

Greeting Cards (No Resell Rights).
This is a virtual greeting card system written in PHP using MySQL. Features: installer, supports JPEG, GIF and FLASH animations; multiple recipients, password protected control panel, postcard category; create you own card layout templates; service stats; top postcards; advance date send; printable version; and custom postcard image/flash upload. The card configurations for users include: font face, font color, font size, stamp, background color, page pattern, music, option to receive a notification e-mail when recipient pickup the greeting card. Also includes: auto-converter (emoticons to graphic emoticon), preview before send, customizable header and footer file, cookies to easily reply a postcard, and an translation lib file to translate vCard Lite to your own tongue.

Auction Website (No Resell Rights).
Powerful, feature rich auction software. Create your own auction website or easily add auctions and classified ads to your existing website. Compare this auction software to auction software packages costing $500 - $750 - $1500 and more. This script should be affordable for small businesses and individuals and that powerful feature rich software need not be too costly for the average person to afford.

Classified Ads (No Resell Rights).
This is a PHP program that allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories and sub-categories. Users can upload images up to 5 and automatically make thumnails. Features: easy installation, easy navigation/interface, page style modification, membership protection, category management, user account management, admin management, recent added, most popular, ask question regarding ads, password lost and found, sent newsletter, extend expiration date, search ads, bad word filter, click tracking, and e-mail notification. Includes new ad notification to admin, notification to user and some security fixes.

IPaid Email (No Resell Rights).
Features: Member Email Verification System.. Automated Subscribe/Unsubscribe System.. Edit Member Profile Thru Member & Admin Section.. Earnings Info Thru Member & Admin Section.. Complete Advertiser Stats.. Built-In Referral & Tracking System.. Easy-To-Use Email System.. Earning Control via Admin section.. Built-In Page Editor.. Built-In Email Editor..

Discussion Board (No Resell Rights).
This script is easy to install, 100% HTML4 compliant and best viewed with any browser. This script is written in PHP. It has many features such as text formatting, HTML tags filter, administration mode, user registration, search, date/time settings, different icons, smilies, links, images, backup/restore, IP banning, 20 color schemes at choice or a custom scheme, PHP3/4 compatibility and so on. No MySQL database required. The latest version is translated in 20 languages.

Interactive Story (No Resell Rights).
This script presents a short text and two options in a browser. Depending on which the reader chooses, another text is shown. When the reader reaches the end of the story, she may append another chapter.

PHP Search Engine (No Resell Rights).
Create a very small PHP search engine that uses a MySQL database on backend. Features: ... Indexes both static and dynamic pages... Spiders almost all links in html content, in hrefs, areamaps, frames ... Full text indexing. ...Could index pdf and ms-office files using external binaries.

GuestBook Script (No Resell Rights).
Features: ...Multi-language support ...Support for different data sources ...Able to handle several Guestbooks ...Design adaptable via CSS ...Graphical smiley support ...Instant messenger status indicator ...IP logging for flood-protection ...Autoconversion of WWW and e-mail links ...SPAM crawler protection ...Text filters ...High convenient Web-admin frontend ...E-mail notification if new entries

News Script (No Resell Rights).
This script allows you to update the news on your web site from anywhere in the world. It has a secure login and can support multiple users. There are a variety of access levels making your site even more secure.Also allows you to change all of its main settings online, is very customizable and allows you to build extensions. Its easy to install, upgrade, and requires no database.

Poll Script (No Resell Rights).
This poll system allows your website visitors to answer any questions you may ask them while checking for possible errors when processing. The code checks for attempted multiple entries, voting without selecting an answer and more. The administration side of the poll is also covered in this tutorial.

FeedBack Script (No Resell Rights).
Let your customers leave comments about your site or product easily with this php/Mysql software. Also gathers other useful information for personal use, such as 'Where did you hear about us', 'Site URL', Email, Name and Feedback. There is also an admin interface to email submitters, and allow/disallow before posting on your site. All Posts are displayed on a page or randomly by SSI (optional). Easy Customization, easy to use.

Web Stats Script (No Resell Rights).
This is a web traffic analyzer written in PHP that uses PostgreSQL on backend or MySql. Its output is similar to StatIt. The reported statistics include: last visitors, stats by day and month, browser, OS, referrers, screen size, color depth, country origins, and more.



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